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Improve your personal competitive position.
become more effective in your role - both within your organisation and the sector - by increasing and broadening your knowledge of the industry and demonstrating a more professional approach.

Recognition of your food service industry specific knowledge.

Gain industry recognition by achieving a qualification that is accepted and respected by key employers, industry bodies (such as CESA) and peers.

Certified Food Service Professional Scheme

CFSP (Certified Food Service Professional) is the industry specific professional qualification for the Food Service industry. It is being introduced into Sweden under the auspices of BFS (The Swedish Catering Equipment Manufacturers and Distributors Association) which is already an established & highly regarded body within the industry. BFS’ objective is to help improve the levels of professionalism in the sector by creating a universally recognised and respected industry ‘standard’ for knowledge and experience.

Becoming Accredited to CFSP

CFSP is open to anyone who has 3 years or more management experience in the Food Service Industry.

To successfully achieve the designation (and the benefits that accrue), candidates must demonstrate all of the following:

  • study for and pass a comprehensive written test
  • attend an all day pre test seminar
  • prove certain levels of experience in the industry
  • show personal development through the completion of recognised education/training programmes
  • demonstrate active involvement in the industry
  • pay a specified biennial fee to maintain CFSP status
  • maintain the above if you wish to continue to use the CFSP
  • designation and receive regular communication from the programme.

Your initial payment of 14000 SEK + VAT (8000 SEK + VAT for BFS members and 11000 SEK + VAT for FCSI members) covers the test programme, evaluation of experience and certification membership for two years after passing the exam. Following this you can maintain and improve your certification status as you progress from silver, gold or platinum levels for another two year period. The fee for this will soon be decided on. In return you will receive regular updates and information to recognise your status as a CFSP Certified professional.

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